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Agreeing to Make Space: Chancellor Christ Makes Statement about a Latinx Student Space

By Camila Ceja

In a campus with less than 20% percent students of color, clubs and groups form in solidarity to promote resources and provide support throughout the UC Berkeley experience. The Latinx Caucus is one of these groups. It is a forum that branches out to the the Chicanx/Latinx Student Development Office (CLSD), a unit of the Multicultural Student Development at UC Berkeley. The Caucus works to advertise the various Latinx serving clubs and events on campus, holding meetings to discuss on-campus issues and providing a community for fellow Latinx students.

On Thursday, Nov. 14, the Latinx Caucus held a meeting with Carol Christ, the Chancellor of UC Berkeley. After opening the floor to questions, a student from the Latinx Caucus extensively described the necessity for a Latinx-serving space for study and assistance. The student used UCLA’s Latinx Resource and Study Center as an example of the University of California previously working to establish itself in service to the Latinx community. Highlighting the few safe spaces available at UC Berkeley for the underserved minorities on campus, the student demanded for an additional space to specifically aid the Latinx community on campus.

Chancellor Christ responded, “I definitely agree, UC Berkeley will continue to work towards becoming a Latinx- serving institution.”

Students responded by asking, “But what will you do? Statements are only confirmed with action.”

Agreeing with the necessity to create more space on campus for students, Christ confirmed that besides a plan for an additional residential unit, a layout for a Latinx Resource and Study Space will be finished by Spring 2020. Furthermore, Christ assured that the Latinx Space for assistance will be completed and ready for use by Fall of 2020. The space has yet to be announced to the rest of UC Berkeley; forty students witnessed Chancellor Carol’s confirmation and are awaiting a more official announcement.

Amidst a tense environment for the historically marginalized communities on campus, Christ’s statement is a huge win for the Latinx students.

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